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Promotion of "legal aid" institution in Azerbaijan
It is planned to draft Law on Free Legal Aid, as well as concept paper and introduce it for passing in the Parliament. In this concern, Working Group was staffed in February 2012 from prominent advocates and lawyers. The both documents have already been prepared and translated into English for international legal expertise in future. The documents were also been disseminated in web-portal for holding of public discussions.  Also 2 members of the Group made exchange trip to Lithuania. Round table with participation of international experts will be held in following months for elaborating of the documents.
Azerbaijan Lawyers Confederation, GIZ, ABA/ROLI, OSCE
in progress
Street law project “Law and Me” for pupils of secondary schools
Within the Project, which is supported by German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) 1 month-long training lessons will be held for pupils of secondary schools. The goals of the Project are strengthening of legal enligthenment of them and to find solutions in different legal situations, which they will be came across in their future life. 
Ministry of Justice, GIZ 2012 in progress
 3.  Bulletin of the European Court of Human Rights  The bulletin, which has been publishing in Azeri since 2007 based on Information Notes of the European Court of Human Rights, is distributing among judges, prosecutors, advocates and etc. The goals of the Project are intraducing case-law practice and proceeding cases of the Court to the law society.  Baku Law Centre, ECtHR  2007  in progress