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The new President of the Azerbaijan Bar Association has been elected
08.12.2017 5885

The General meeting of the members of Azerbaijan Bar Association was held place in “Boulevard Hotel”, on December 7, 2017. The General meeting was opened with the national anthem.

Mr Aydin Akhundov, Deputy President of the Bar Association gave information about, that the General meeting is attended by representatives of law consultancy offices, private lawyers, state and non-government organizations and media members from all over the country.

Mr Aydin Akhundov addressed the report about work of the Bar Association during 2012-2017 period.

After the delivered speeches on the report, the done works by the Association for the mentioned period was appreciated sufficient.

Later on Dr Anar Baghirov, member of the Bar Association was elected to the position of President of the Azerbaijan Bar Association as a result of elections held in the General Meeting.

Adding to that, deputy presidents, other members of the Presidium, president and members of Disciplinary Commission were elected during the General Meeting.

Also the General Meeting approved minutes of the elections, as well as several amendments to regulatory documents and budget of the Bar Association.

At the end, Mr Ramin Gurbanov, Vice-president of the CEPEJ, made a presentation regarding “The new approach in increasing efficiency of justice: informational system “e-court” topic. Also Farhad Najafov introduced the CoE HELP Program to attendants of the meeting.

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